FilmRoomTV: Andre Iguodala

Learning from the best has been a key to success for 2012 Olympic and 2010 World Championship gold medalist Andre Iguodala -- not just internationally or in the NBA but at every level he's played. (photo: David Becker/NBAE/Getty) Watch Now »

Coach's Corner: Dawn Staley

How do good players become great? As coach of the USA Basketball Women's U18 National Team, Dawn Staley gets to work with talented players who are just beginning their basketball journey. More »

FilmRoomTV: Kyrie Irving

How many hours of practice do you need to log in high school to match the work ethic of USA Men's National Team and NBA All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving? (photo: Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE/Getty Images) Watch Now »

Candace Parker: Practice Makes Perfect

How did Candace Parker become good enough to help USA Basketball win nine gold medals? In this video, she explains the methods behind her practice schedule. (photo: Getty Images) Watch Now »

FilmRoomTV: Russell Westbrook

USA Men's National Team guard Russell Westbrook scored 38 Tuesday night in OKC's playoff win over the Clippers. Apparently he listened to his own previous advice on blocking out criticism. Watch Now »

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  • Kobe's 3 Tips for Defensive Slides

    Though he's known for his scoring, Kobe Bryant is one of the best defensive players in basketball. Here are three tips Kobe gives players on proper defensive slides.

  • 3 Cues for Better Shooting

    Need a good way to remember the keys to fundamental shooting? These three cues are hard to forget and remind you of what exactly you need to do to make shots.

  • 4 Fundamental Passing Drills

    Take your team's passing back to the basics. Here are basketball drills you can do to stress chest passes, overhead passes and bounce passes.

The Ultimate Player Position Guides

Whether you're a pass-first point guard or a shot-blocking center, this is your resource for mastering your position. Find tips, drills and breakdowns that will lead you to the next level.

  • Point Guard

    Be the key player that leads your squad.

  • Shooting Guard

    Develop your long-range shot and open up the floor.

  • Small Forward

    Be the all-around player that your team needs.

  • Power Forward

    Give your team a crucial inside presence.

  • Center

    Block shots, post up and be a feared player inside.

Free Basketball Team Websites

Looking for an easy, fun website building tool for your team or league?

  • - Easily customize your site
  • - Post schedule & scores
  • - Share photos
  • - More!

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Get In Peak Basketball Shape

To be your best, it's important to work on your physical fitness throughout the year. Check out the strength and conditioning section to get tips, advice and workout ideas from basketball experts. It's the best way to make sure you're physically ready for the big games.

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