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What do elite college basketball coaches look for in a recruit? What do the sharpest basketball minds feel is the best way to reach your potential?

FilmRoomTV has interviewed some of the biggest names in basketball about a variety of topics that can help you better understand the sport. Whether it's Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski, Villanova coach Jay Wright, Syracuse's Jim Boeheim, Kansas' Bill Self, Indiana's Tom Crean or many others, FilmRoomTV picks the brain of some of the best minds in basketball so you can better understand their perspective.

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Tom Crean

Episode 1: What Does It Mean to Be Tough?

What does it mean to be tough? In this episode, major Division I coaches like Bob Huggins, Bill Self and Sherri Coale break down what they look for when evaluating a player's toughness.

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Coach K

Episode 2: How Your Imagination Helps Your Game

Surely you have imagined hitting the game-winning shot as time expired. This video shows how daydreaming like that actually makes you better.

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Sherri Coale

Episode 3: How Do You Gain Confidence?

In this episode, major college coaches like Bruce Weber, Sherri Coale and Brad Stevens examine different ways a basketball player can gain confidence, and gives advice that will make you a more confident player.

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Bob Huggins

Episode 4: Why Free Throws Are So Important

In this episode, coaches like Bob Huggins, Lorenzo Romar and Mike Anderson break down the intangible benefits of getting to the free-throw line—with an estimate of how many times a good player should toe the stripe.

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Jim Boeheim

Episode 5: Should You Be a Mentor?

In this episode, coaches like Jim Boeheim, Jay Wright and Lorenzo Romar break down why mentoring younger players will end up benefiting your own game, while also creating a culture of success.

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Bill Self

Episode 6: What Makes a Great Leader?

In this episode, coaches like Bill Self, Mike Krzyzewski and Bruce Weber break down what the best leaders do—and it's a lot more than just being the most talented player.

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Bruce Weber

Episode 7: Principles of Success

In this episode, coaches like Bruce Weber, Mike Krzyzewski and Jim Boeheim break down what can help you be successful--whether on the basketball court or in life.

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Brad Stevens

Episode 8: The Key to Good Shot Selection

In this episode, coaches like Brad Stevens and Mike Anderson break down the difference between a good shot and an ill-advised one.

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Mike Anderson

Episode 9: What Coaches Look for in Recruits

In this episode, coaches like Mike Anderson, Bill Self and Tom Crean break down they look for in recruits on the court, in the classroom and in life.

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Scott Drew

Episode 10: Why Footwork Matters

In this episode, coaches like Scott Drew, Brad Stevens and Jay Wright explain why footwork is so crucial and so overlooked in basketball.

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Jay Wright

Episode 11: How to Approach the Offseason

In this episode, coaches like Bob Huggins, Mike Krzyzewski and Jay Wright break down how to approach the offseason and how to make the best out of playing multiple games in a day during the summer.

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Steve Alford

Episode 12: Adjusting to College Basketball

In this episode, coaches like Steve Alford, Bill Self and Jay Wright break down how to correctly adjust from high school to college basketball--and the potential pitfalls that bring many players down.

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JoAnne McCallie

Episode 13: 3 Ways Parents Can Help Their Child Succeed

In this episode, coaches like JoAnne McCallie, Bill Self and Sherri Coale gives examples of how parents can be a positive influence and help their child go far in the game of basketball.

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Lorenzo Romar

Episode 14: What Makes a Great Basketball Coach

In this episode, coaches like Mike Krzyzewski, Bill Self and Lorenzo Romar point out some of the common traits among basketball's greatest coaches.

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