Basketball Shooting Tips & Drills

Basketball Shooting Drills

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Need to work on your shot? Try these quick basketball drills to get better on your own.

3-Point Shooting

Your Guide to the 3-Pointer

Want to be a sharpshooter? Work on mastering your 3-point shot with these tips and drills.

Here are ways to make sure your free throw shooting is reliable for when you need it most.

Perfect Your Shooting Mechanics

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Good form is crucial to a high-percentage jump shot. Here are basketball tips for improving your mechanics.

When you're close to the rim, you have a great opportunity to get points. Here are ways to improve your basketball moves around the basket.

The Mental Side of Shooting

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Shooting requires a sound mind to go with good form. Here are basketball tips to keeping your head at ease when you're trying to make a bucket.

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