The Ray Allen Shooting Drill

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The Ray Allen shooting drill is a great drill that you can use for a shooting warm up or to end the workout in a fun, competitive manner. It can easily be adapted for beginners and pros.

Check out the instructions, diagrams, and video below for more details.

How it Works

There are five lines. From each line, there are five spots. This is approximately the distance on each shot:

  • Spot 1 - 4 Feet
  • Spot 2 - 8 Feet
  • Spot 3 - 12 Feet
  • Spot 4 - 16 Feet
  • Spot 5 - 20 Feet

You have to make a shot from spot 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 in five consecutive shots in order to advance to the next line.

If you miss from any of the spots, you start over in that line. If you miss a shot in line 3, you start over from line 3. You don't go back to line 1.

Your goal is to finish all five lines in two minutes.

Regressions and Progressions

  • Move back a spot after each make: Rather than making five shots in a row, you allow the players to move back a spot after each make even if they miss in between.
  • Use 3 or 4 Spots: Instead of using five spots, you can make it a little bit easier by only making them go to spot 3 or 4.
  • Six spots: For more advanced players, you can add an extra spot.
  • Kyle Korver status: Make 25 shots in a row.

Check out the video demonstration below:

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