First Team Motivation

First Team Motivation articles are used to deliver a message about: Recruiting, Education, Life Skills, and Health/Physical Fitness. Sometimes we consider social issues that may be relevant to your personal growth or issues that directly affect each of you - the outstanding, gifted, young student-athlete prospects that you are. But then, every once in a while, we just use this First Team Motivation article as a voice of reason.

  • Thank Goodness - Thanksgiving is Almost Here!

    In the heart of this annual celebration time, there’s another tradition that begins too...Basketball season! Here's our Top Ten Tips to a Successful Basketball Season.

  • Get 'Cha Mind Right!

    I challenge you and encourage you to be the best individual you can possibly be. "The world is yours (ours) and all that it holds" ... but only if your behavior and conduct are respectable and positive.

  • Game Time, Baby

    The most important 'game' you will play is the SCHOOL game... and it's a serious game that you don't want to lose!

  • School is an Attitude!

    In preparation for this letter, a lot of reading on the topic of “SUCCESS” and the “KEYS TO SUCCESS” in life has taken place. Interestingly enough, one common denominator was always present…ATTITUDE!


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