First Team Testimonials

"Thank you for everything. The advice, your company, your kindness, care, your sense of humor (Late Day with Greg Turner), food, support, college life from a student-athlete perspective, and a whole lot more. Ever since I first saw you in 2006 at Portsmith, VA, you made me feel right at home and I'll never forget everything you taught me in the NCAA First Team program. This fall I will be a freshman at Frostburg State University in Maryland. I hope to hear from you real soon."
- John A. McDowell
"I would like to thank you again for your invitation to the First Team Seminar. As you know, the work you are doing is pivotal to the long-term athletic and academic success of many of our youngsters. In doing this work, it is sometimes hard to imagine the impact that these early experiences have on our youth, yet as you and I know well, one message, one mentor, or even one other peer can change the course and direction of one's life. I sincerely applaud and admire the authenticity of your work and your purpose."
- Herb Martin, Ph.D.
Peak Performance Consulting Group
"It was a pleasure to meet you in Tampa as a part of the First Team program. You were simply outstanding. As I mentioned to Ron Stratten, my travels take me all across the country – from the halls of Congress to the boardrooms of corporate America. I have not seen a group of people more committed and passionate in serving the needs of young men. At the end of the day, you and your associates are making a critical difference in the lives of these young men! I am proud to know you."
- Thomas S. Thomas
President & CEO
Cardinal Advisors
"The family of Jubril Adekoya would like to use this opportunity to express our deep gratitude to the NCAA First Team selection committee for offering our son an opportunity to be a part of this excellent program. As parents, our commitment to a strong educational foundation for our children remains unwavering. We believe that a strong educational foundation is not only primary; it is also plenary. We are very excited about the opportunity NCAA First Team has offered to help us help Jubril continue to grow both academically and athletically. We understand our role in this process and assure you of our commitment."
- A. Ade Adekoya
Parent of Jubril Adekoya
"Just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for treating Matt with kindness and graciousness while he was in Kansas City. He flew out there on Thursday with a lot of apprehension... he called home Thursday evening saying he wasn't too sure how he was going to do there... BUT then I never heard from him again until Friday... he sent a short text saying, ‘too busy to call, all is great and having a fun time!'." Matt is highly motivated to play basketball and being a part of the First Team is something that is going to motivate and challenge him to do even more. Matt is a quiet but forceful leader on the court and he told me the other day he learned ideas at the conference that he can take back to the team. He realizes he will not always be the most athletic player on the court but he mentally challenges himself on and off the court to be the best he can be. As a family, we say thank you again for this opportunity."
- Rod and Lori Kruse
Parents of Matt Kruse
"I wanted to take a few minutes to say THANKS for all you do. First Team program and conference along with your partnership with iHoops is wonderful. Siyani came away from the conference with valuable life lessons and skills along with great insights of what it takes to be a student-athlete. It's a blessing to be part of a program that reinforces the values we are teaching at home. Siyani and I went to lunch on Sunday and he shared his folder, books, and recap of the conference. I almost cried as this was truly a defining moment for our family as he prepares for his high school transition... the messages about working hard in school, getting good grades, leveraging college to reach your potential, keeping track of your personal belongings, being on time and table etiquette were all greatly appreciated. These messages also reinforced our teachings and softened the "strict parents" label we had been given. I am so thankful for NCAA First Team and having my son be a part of such an amazing program and experience."
- Elice Chambers
Mother of Siyani Chambers
"Just wanted to send a note of thanks from the Giordana family for these past 4 years! Jordan truly enjoyed the experiences of the August get-togethers in Colorado, Virginia, Florida and Arizona. And not to mention all the newsletters, calls and visits. Jordan graduated last Wednesday from Kaukauna High School with many honors and we feel it is because of people like you that this was all made possible. He has had a great high school career – but during his senior year – 1. He broke the school passing record in football, 2. is now the all time leading scorer in Kaukauna High School history for basketball, and 3. to top things off he graduated #1 Valedictorian of his class! Jordan has decided to follow his dream of playing both football and basketball and attend the University of Stevens Point this fall. The coaches at Point have okayed this SO he is very excited about it. Although it is not a scholarship (D3 school) for athletics, he has received numerous academic scholarships to help offset the cost. So, the next chapter in his life begins! He is up for the challenge and we are confident he will work hard at all 3 – basketball, football and academics. Thanks again for everything – he has so many good memories to look back on with his NCAA First team experience. We appreciate it very much!"
- Reed and Linda Giordana
Parents of Jordan Giordana


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