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Gain valuable insight into the art of coaching from top pro, college and youth coaches, courtesy of USA Basketball.

Animated Playbooks

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Which plays are best for your team? Watch as Immersion Media breaks down some of the more popular systems in youth basketball.

Video Tips From Top College Coaches

More From Championship Productions

Learn from the best college coaches in the business with these videos from Championship Productions.

The Complete Basketball Coaching Guide

More on Coaching

Everything you may run into as a first-time basketball coach is covered here.

Position Breakdowns

More Coaching Articles

What should each of your players be doing? Find out the keys to each position on the basketball court.

Defensive Strategy

More Coaching Articles

Defense wins championships, so make sure your D is better than the rest with these basketball tips.

Offensive Strategy

More Coaching Articles

Learn more about how to play basketball with an offensive mind. These tips will get you started

Quick Practice Drills

More Great Practice Drills

Need a few basketball drills to maximize your practice time? These tried-and-true methods will have your team ready to go.

Building a Team

More Coaching Articles

Use these basketball tips to make sure you are putting the best team on the court every game.

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