For Officials

Official Signals

Learn the basic officials signals so you know how to accurately call a game.

Basketball Officiating Animations

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From pregame responsibilities to court coverage to throw-in basics, iHoops is featuring the fundamentals of becoming a great official in an easy-to-understand form.

So You Want to Officiate?

You think you have what it takes to carry a whistle? Find out with this look at what goes inside officiating basketball games.

Rules, Rules, Rules

The most important part of officiating is knowing the rules. Here is a quick guide to learning the ins and outs of basketball.

Game Time!

Promoting Sportsmanship

Officials need to be good role models to youth basketball players. Here are ways to promote good sportsmanship in your games.

Strategy to Improve Your Officiating

From positioning to anticipation of basketball plays, here are secrets to making a strong official.

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