The Definitive 6-Week Guard Workout


Here is a six-week training program for a point guard or 2-guard that emphasizes first-step speed and overall strength and explosiveness. Below is the weekly schedule, followed by the specific exercises that correspond with the schedule:

Monday: Upper Body Lift No. 1 and Conditioning
Tuesday: Agilities and Lower Body Lift No. 1
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Upper Body Lift No. 2 and Conditioning
Friday: Agilities and Lower Body Lift No. 2

Strength Training

Sets: 1-2 sets per exercise
Reps: Reach muscular fatigue between 8-12 reps
Rest: Rest one or two minutes between exercises

Upper Body Workout No. 1

Upper Body Workout No. 2

  • Pulldown
  • Shoulder press
  • High row
  • Incline press
  • Seated row
  • Chest press
  • Low row
  • Decline press
  • Upright row
  • Dip

Lower Body Workout No. 1

Lower Body Workout No. 2

  • Leg press
  • Straight Leg deadlift
  • Step-ups
  • Hip abduction
  • Wall sit
  • Calf raise
  • Abs

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